Why I’m joining Pragli.com as Founding Head of Product

Work will never be the same. We are midway through a dramatic shift from office-first to a flexible and remote-first future. …

Five questions for entrepreneurs to consider before diving in.

For the past five years I’ve been a product manager at FiscalNote, Uber, and Dropbox. In that short time, I witnessed a dramatic transition in productivity tools that our teams used. Tools like Slack, Figma, Zoom, Notion, and Superhuman helped us to communicate, collaborate, and get more done, more quickly…


The next big ideas will come from founders with a deep, profound sense of purpose. …

Analyzing the Enterprise past, the now, & the future.

Over the past decade, enterprise companies have assumed the mantle of the up-and-comers from their consumer-facing brethren. The term “enterprise” covers a wide variety of sectors from cloud and infrastructure products to SAAS (Software-as-a-service) and PAAS (Platform-as-a-service). …

How we should visualize this and the next decade

I had the chance a few weeks ago (before the WhatsApp $19B craze) to discuss with the Sequoia Capital Scout folks on emerging market trends and what investors should have their eyes peeled out for now and within the next decade. Investors are discovering new, promising markets, many of…

An add-on to Aileen Lee’s lionized Billion Dollar TC list

A few months ago, Aileen from KPCB & the Cowboy Ventures team spearheaded a research initiative: “The Unicorn Club” project for TechCrunch on analyzing billion dollar companies within the past decade ‘03-‘13, in what some refer to as the vintage years of web/mobile consumerism & tech innovation.

Because I speak better with pictures.

Chicago, Illinois @Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Daniel C. Liem

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